Amanda Riley (London, United Kingdom)

Amanda Riley grew up in a mind-numbingly boring small town in middle England.
As a child she was incredibly curious, how things work, what’s inside, underneath, between, what can you see if you look in here, or down here. What will happen if you do this or that, pull this apart, how does it work and why? Construction, destruction and secret worlds not immediately obvious to the human eye. What’s going on in the places we cannot see? Things made by God and things made by man. Amanda was selected to show her Contemporary Botanical Art (Full Frontal Florals) at Chelsea Flower Show 2008 & 2009. She usually works to private commission.


"No Heart" Print
Artist Proof 4/5
9.5 x 12 inches printed on 13 x 19 inches paper
Giclee on watercolor paper

Kukula (Israel)

KuKula comes from a small town in Israel. All her neighbours were retirees who had both patience and lots of free time, so as a child KuKula found herself playing with dolls and old people. Her imagination therefore constructed itself of equal parts princess fantasies and World War II horror stories. One of the most important things KuKula learned was that “childhood is a permanent state of being—people grow older, but they never fully mature.” In other words, everyone still struggles with their earliest memories, and even the memories passed down from others.


Gum Ball Machine

with colored gumballs.
18 inches high by 9 inches base
Plush and Plastic

Mini Marshmallows

4 inches tall by 4 inches base
Plush and Plastic
£18 each, please specify color

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
4.2 inches tall by 4.2 inches base
Plush and Plastic

Candy Floss

Fuzzy fabric and wooden Stick
Measures 19 inches Tall and is pink, fuzzy and cute!
Please specify if you want a happy one or a surprised one.

Scrumptious Delight (Canada)

Scrumptious Delight creates handmade plush dolls and sweets. All the toys are made to her original designs with much care and attention at her home in Canada. This is the first exhibition of Scrumptious Delights’ work in an art gallery setting and fits the Candy Coated theme perfectly.


Ryan Myers (New York, USA)

Ryan Myers was born in 1978 in the suburbs of Long Island, New York. Trained at Hartford Art School and weaned in New York City, his playful, sombre paintings grew out of an obsession with Pee Wee Herman and the bad children from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. His works reflect an interruptive view into a sullen, mannequinesque world where sadness is masked in pinks, greens and blues. He currently lives and paints with his wife, dog and a spiteful lovebird.


"Snow White"
9.5 x 13 inches
Mounted in a beautiful black gloss frame with peach boarder
15. 5 by 19 inches framed.
Water color, colored pencils, graphite, white tempera.

Zoe Lacchei (Rome)

Zoe Lacchei grew up in a small town near Rome. Being isolated has given her a great abstraction and escapism ability, two characteristics that form the basis of her work as an adult. After high school, she focused on the subjects she loved the most, such as human anatomy and Japanese culture. This last one has affected her enormously: she simply adores Japan, with its contradictions and oddities, with its great sense for the art of image, in a traditional and at the same time modern way, given by Manga, Anime and videogames.


Eat me Candy
8 x 12 inches and framed in a 2 inch thick white gloss antique frame
Superior digital print on fine art paper, hand signed and numbered
Edition of 5

Lost Fish (France)

Lost Fish was born in the south of France in 1983. She started her illustration works as a freelance designer in 2007 by making digital paintings with her computer. Her sweet and often macabre Character designs marked the beginning of creating her own unique style and as a result she quickly started to receive international attention and show her work in art exhibitions throughout Europe and America.


I love you, Neopolitan
8 x 8 inches

The Sweet Tooth Murder
2.5 x 3 inches, framed is 3.8 x 4.2 inches. In a white antique frame.

Tiffany Liu (Taipei)

Tiffany Liu was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1981. She studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. and graduated in 2005 with a BF. She has crafted a compelling and absorbing visual world playful and sometimes macabre phantasmagoria filtered through the eyes of an adult artist who demonstrates that her adoption of a "childlike" point-of-view is never a "childish" one. Her canvas is her playground; awash in rainbow hues and populated with a veritable circus of cute (and freaky) creatures, her candy-coloured acrylic paintings are at once strangely familiar.


Carousel for Birthday
Digital work printed on ultra fine paper
Signed and numbered by the artist
20 x 22 inches
Edition of 5

Natalie Shau (Lithuania)

Natalie Shau is a talented young digital artist from Vilnius, Lithuania. She specialises in blending photo manipulation, 3D design and digital painting to create her often creepy, gothic doll, fairytale figures. Natalie’s inspiration for these renditions comes from lowbrow artists such as Ray Caesar, Trevor Brown and Mark Ryden. Her style is a macabre to grotesque “baby art,” heavily influenced by religious imagery and fantasy art.


Strawberry Popsicle 2
Oil on canvas
11.5 x 13. 5 inches
Set in a 2 inch black frame

Strawberry Popsicle 1
Oil on canvas
19.5 x 15 inches
set in a 2 inch black frame

David Palumbo (Michigan, USA)

Spurred on by a childhood diet of comic books and science fiction, David Palumbo’s interests are rooted in illustration and fantasy. Working as a freelance illustrator, he has provided artwork for book covers, collectable card games, comic covers, album covers, film posters, magazine covers and much more. Through his interactive paintings, he hopes to suggest or imply stories that force the viewer to question what has come before and contemplate what will come next.


13 x 10 inches
Oil on Canvas
Inspired by hand made Japaneses animal candy

13 x 10 inches
Oil on Canvas
Inspired by hand made Japaneses animal candy

Tadaomi Shibuya (Japan)

Tadaomi Shibuya reconstructs various motifs such as the human face, animals and industrial products with unique surfaces. Firstly it gives the viewer a sharp and flat impression only to reveal more: a deep texture with brush marks in an uneven painted field. Shibuya’s parents run a sign making business and he grew up with many craftsmen. Shibuya majored in product design at art college, but he was looking for creative connections between 2-D expression and music through his interest in Hip-Hop.


Pink Dharma
Oil on canvas
10 x 13 inches, fit in to a 11.2 by 14.2 inch gold frame.

Licking Doll
Oil on canvas
11 x 11 inches, fit in to a 12. 5 by 12.5 inch black and gold frame.

D’Holbachie Yoko (Japan)

D’Holbachie Yoko’s seemingly endless supply of images portrays animals, insects, fish and toys, taking form on canvas or as digitally rendered creations. Despite their initially grotesque appearance, her works bestow a feminine charm that is mysterious and gentle. The subjects of these works is very much open to the audience, with D’Holbachie claiming that their form simply exists as something within her prior to her physical intervention, and that they simply manifest themselves, through her, as paintings.


Sugar High
12 x 18 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

Trickster Plushes
Hand Made plushes with inserted wire.
Limited edition of 8

Mike Bilz (California, USA)

Growing up, Mike Bilz was the nerdiest punk rocker in San Diego and ventured out to Los Angeles to attend Otis College of Art and Design. In 2006 he graduated from Otis College with a Bachelors in Illustration. Mike Bilz's work walks the fine line between adorable and disturbing, giving life to the odd little thoughts that permeate his imagination by creating eccentric characters that are both endearing and upsetting. Most often his characters are pulled right from the pages of his sketchbook, happy accidents born of boredom and carried on by a wandering stream of consciousness.


Crane de Sucre
16 x 20 Inches
Oil on canvas set in a black wood frame

Luke Kopycinski (Australia)

Luke Kopycinski is an Australian born artist currently working and living in Melbourne, Australia. His work is intriguing, dark and has an underlying current of something very human. Best described as Dark Noir, his subject matter is of the beautiful and the melancholy, aspects of the people around him, both what they project on the outside and what they keep inside. His oils are a mix of realism and impressionism, a mixture of strong soft shining lights and heavy sharp shadows that centre the focus of the pieces. His graphite works have been described as painting themselves, illusionary in depth and form with imagery like deceptively frozen moments.


Nana Galakian Print
23.5 x 18 Inches
Edition of 6
Mixed Media Digital on Canvas
Signed and numbered certificate

Chupa Chups fingers
Acrylic paint and pencils on canvas.
11.8 X 23 Inches


Robert Tirado (Venezuela)

Robert Tirado is a graphic artist currently based in Valencia, Spain. AEI.UO is his experimental project that puts together digital illustration, painting and graphic design. His artworks are consequence to the experience on traditional art techniques, which gives it a perfect balance between the particular look of digital work and the expression of real life painting that the artist played upon since his youth. AEI.UO is a research for many ways to get optimum results, based in feminine charming and influenced by music, history, art and the modern fashion world, never leaving behind poetry, geometric shapes, and a critical eye in front of all around.


Lilith and Bob
Giclee print on archival enhance 200 gram paper
Signed and Numbered
15 x 18 Inches
Exclusive Edition of 10

Jade Klara (South Africa)

Jade Klara produces lovingly handcrafted work, from illustration, hand lettering to design. Through subject matter, technique and colour, her work represents strong themes of contrasting innocence, sadness, love and loss. Inspired by Japanese Kawaii, colourful South African lifestyle and classic story tales, her drawings serve to make you smile.