Nana Galakian Print
23.5 x 18 Inches
Edition of 6
Mixed Media Digital on Canvas
Signed and numbered certificate

Chupa Chups fingers
Acrylic paint and pencils on canvas.
11.8 X 23 Inches


Robert Tirado (Venezuela)

Robert Tirado is a graphic artist currently based in Valencia, Spain. AEI.UO is his experimental project that puts together digital illustration, painting and graphic design. His artworks are consequence to the experience on traditional art techniques, which gives it a perfect balance between the particular look of digital work and the expression of real life painting that the artist played upon since his youth. AEI.UO is a research for many ways to get optimum results, based in feminine charming and influenced by music, history, art and the modern fashion world, never leaving behind poetry, geometric shapes, and a critical eye in front of all around.

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