Pink Dharma
Oil on canvas
10 x 13 inches, fit in to a 11.2 by 14.2 inch gold frame.

Licking Doll
Oil on canvas
11 x 11 inches, fit in to a 12. 5 by 12.5 inch black and gold frame.

D’Holbachie Yoko (Japan)

D’Holbachie Yoko’s seemingly endless supply of images portrays animals, insects, fish and toys, taking form on canvas or as digitally rendered creations. Despite their initially grotesque appearance, her works bestow a feminine charm that is mysterious and gentle. The subjects of these works is very much open to the audience, with D’Holbachie claiming that their form simply exists as something within her prior to her physical intervention, and that they simply manifest themselves, through her, as paintings.


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