I love you, Neopolitan
8 x 8 inches

The Sweet Tooth Murder
2.5 x 3 inches, framed is 3.8 x 4.2 inches. In a white antique frame.

Tiffany Liu (Taipei)

Tiffany Liu was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1981. She studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. and graduated in 2005 with a BF. She has crafted a compelling and absorbing visual world playful and sometimes macabre phantasmagoria filtered through the eyes of an adult artist who demonstrates that her adoption of a "childlike" point-of-view is never a "childish" one. Her canvas is her playground; awash in rainbow hues and populated with a veritable circus of cute (and freaky) creatures, her candy-coloured acrylic paintings are at once strangely familiar.

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