Gum Ball Machine

with colored gumballs.
18 inches high by 9 inches base
Plush and Plastic

Mini Marshmallows

4 inches tall by 4 inches base
Plush and Plastic
£18 each, please specify color

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
4.2 inches tall by 4.2 inches base
Plush and Plastic

Candy Floss

Fuzzy fabric and wooden Stick
Measures 19 inches Tall and is pink, fuzzy and cute!
Please specify if you want a happy one or a surprised one.

Scrumptious Delight (Canada)

Scrumptious Delight creates handmade plush dolls and sweets. All the toys are made to her original designs with much care and attention at her home in Canada. This is the first exhibition of Scrumptious Delights’ work in an art gallery setting and fits the Candy Coated theme perfectly.

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